Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Big Decision


My main squeeze, okay, my only squeeze- Miss Ashley Cray, has had the car woes for as long as I've known her.

When you first meet someone and see their car for the first time, you find out something kind of exciting: does the person match the car they drive???

Let's just say I wasn't too surprised when I saw Ash's car.

The little lady drives (I should say drove)a super fancy GLX V6 Black Volkswagen Jetta. While the car was a beast and pretty ritzy to boot, it kindof has this problem- yeah, it keeps breaking down.

So the weekend starts Friday- John, Ash's stepfather, has tickets for us to see the Le Grand Cirque show at the Silver Legacy.

Le Grand Cirque was the most amazing show I have ever seen live. It's basically a bunch of Jackie Chan, mini-Arnold Schwarzenegger robot-human people that can do insane things using poles, bicycles, curtains(?) and candles. It was unreal what these guys and girls could do! I bet they could onsight 5.14's if their arms weren't so short.

After a great dinner, a fabulous show and a few too many cups of vino, Ash and I made it to the parking garage where we discovered that her car had left us a nice little present: about two gallons of pink coolant on the concrete.

The next day we were driving the beast corolla down to Rocklin, CA to look at a sweet Subaru Impreza that Ash had spotted on her epic search for the right car. Let's face it, the car had an aura about it the second it came into view. It handled like a dream, had a new, neoprenish interior, and only 32,000 MILES!!!!! After some semi tense negotiation, Ash walked off the lot with an awesome car and a more than worthy replacement for the Jetta GLXlemmon.



  1. Wait I thought I posted a comment on this? Now I am confused.

    Loved the post boyfriend. I'm glad I'm your only squeeze :-)

    miss you.

  2. I can't believe I have been too busy to notice this post until TODAY!

    Thank you love :-) I love this bloggy!!

    I love you