Sunday, April 24, 2011

Need to Get Organized?

Let's face it, if you're more or less a weekend warrior like I am, your precious gear sadly spends more time in a room rather than out on a rock face. So when it becomes go-time, the mad dash to grab everything you need usually results in the inevitable 'ah-shoot-I-forgot-my-________'. After about 4 of these instances, you start to realize that hey, there's got to be a better way to do this!


I've seen many a wannabe dirtbag climber's attempt at storing gear until the next big adventure: massive plastic tubs, hooks in drywall, nylon bags- all of which lack one thing or another and will end up costing you both your time and your sanity in the long run.


Have you ever walked into a climbing shop (other than REI)  that had all of their cams on display? Chances are that the store is using what is called a pegboard to hold all of their protection.

I also use a pegboard to hold not just all of my cams, but all of my other vital equipment as well. It's really easy and really cheap to install a pegboard to hold all of your junk as well.

I went to Home Depot to pick up the necessary supplies for my own pegboard. This is what you'll need:


Pegboard Tile(s) .......... 5$
Pegs  ........................... 5$
Screws ........................ about 4-8 cents a piece
Drill ............................. every man should have one

Installment is easy!
Find a wall or any other vertical structure (garage is a great idea) that you can lay your pegboard tiles flat on. Most pegboard tiles link together, so use as many as you need, but plan accordingly.
Screw the pegboards into the wall and start placing your pegs. I really like the pegs that are the simple horizontal rods the most as they seem to accomodate most of the gear I personally use.
It's important to remember that because most gear hangs low, it is perhaps best to place your tiles side-by-side, rather than atop one-another.