Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Weekend in the Valley

The Valley may, just may, be the greatest place on Earth.
If you're a hiker.
If you're a backpacker.
If you're a sightseer.
If you're Asian.
If you're a climber.
If you're a climber.
If you're a climber.

You've got to admit, when you come down hwy 120 or 140 or wherever- the sweeping spires of granite, the massive waterfalls, El Cap, Half Dome. Man, I'm gettin' all sorts of excited here.

Regardless, it was another great weekend down in this fabulous place. I had made plans with my buddy from Redding, Shane to meet up at the usual dirtbag climber spot outside the park.

Shane after a healthy fall on Harry Daley
Getting up early, we headed over to the Swan Slabs to warm up stellar crack before nailing other classics throughout the park. As the day wore on and our fingers grew bloodied, I spied a classic line near us on Glacier Point Apron called Harry Daley, a 5.8. A brief walk brought us to finger crack glory and soon we were on top of a climb that deserved every star the supertopo gave it.

Royal Arches

The next day was more trying. We got caught on a climb now rated .10a/b (above my grade- I pulled on gear :-) and Shane rolled his ankle pretty bad on our way to Commitment, a climb that I've had earmarked ever since I first heard about it.

It feels good to push your limits. It's scary as hells sometimes, but if you have the gumption, the strength, and a good belayer to coach or support you through those tough spots, pushing it to the limit can be the most rewarding feeling you may ever experience.

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