Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's pretty unnerving when you drive up 10 and a half hours only to find that you're one of 500 people taking the same exact test for only 7, maybe 10 positions.

7/500... That's what, a 1.4% chance that you'll be in that upcoming police academy?

How do you tilt the numbers in your favor?

Rise to the occasion: COMPETITION.

1200 BC: The epic pissing contest for Helen of Troy. 8th century, BC: The beginning of the Olympics. 610 AD: Islam is distinguished from Christianity. 1607 AD: the formation of the 13 colonies 1865 AD: The Red Queen declares war on the White Queen in Charles Dodgson's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 2010 AD: 10.4% national unemployment percentage and 500 likeminded individuals shuffling nervously for a meager 7 positions...

We all have it in us. That desire to compete. That slight edge of envy when you see someone else getting ahead. That desperate moment when you realize someone has caught up to you down the home stretch and you're less than willing to surrender it all away.

Some people are happy just to compete. Others strive to be competitive. No matter where you stand, so long as you stand, you will be made a better person by allowing a little competitive spirit motivate your actions.

Competition can be ugly. It can divide the closest of friends and bring out the worst in people. It can poison an office and it can blind even the most competent of players. I've seen it. I've played the part.

Competition can be beautiful. It can take your performance to the next level. It can motivate you on your darkest of days and transcend your life to a point that you will always remember and always strive towards reliving. I've seen it. I've played the part.

See you at the top.

Rant Fin.

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  1. Aaron your writing is so fluid... I've re-read this probably 3 times now.